Beautiful Brunch of Network Automation Techs.

Sometimes you don’t choose what to tell, you just run into topics like the ones I have here. Like when you go to a brunch for the first time and you haven’t done your research of what are the best sellers. Then, you start asking. And then you discover there are better ways to prepare an avocado toast hahaha. The same with technology, I am surprise how events in smaller format and more industry specific (i.e. versus Kubecon), like NANOG, or ONE Summit, helps to discover so much talent and ideas. A nice community of people, helping each other.


What’s cooking?

About Me


I have been working in the IT Industry for more than two decades, leading the introduction of new technologies for Data Centers and Cloud in new markets. I am originally from Santiago of Chile and continuously testing the limits of use cases for Kubernetes and Network Automation tools. I am also passionate with art (Instagram: p1nrojas), using what is left of my creativity at work into the canvas or digital illustrations.

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